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Doolin is renowned world wide for its wealth of Irish Traditional Music and attracts visitors of all ages and from all walks of life. Some have returned year after year since  the  60's, others stopped for  a couple of days on  their  travels
- and never left. It is hard to tell what it is about Doolin that takes a hold of people, apart from the music. You'll just have to find out for yourself.

Fisherstreet - Doolin
Fisherstreet - Doolin

While in the past there were three Music-Pubs in Doolin, McDermott's, McGann's and O'Connor's, nowadays a fourth music venue has established itself with regular traditional music sessions. Fitzpatrick's Bar, also known as Fitz's, has greatly gained popularity with the locals. You will find music nightly in all the Pubs during the summer months and - if in the right place at the right time - some of the best sessions in the winter. Many well-known names in the Irish Traditional Music Scene have started out in Doolin and numerous already famous musicians have come just to join in a session.

Roadford - Doolin
Roadford - Doolin

The Russell Brothers lived all their lives in Doolin and achieved world fame with their music. Especially Micho, who toured Europe and the USA several times.
Their names are synonymous with Doolin and the Irish music. Pakie died in 1977, Micho in 1994 and Gussie passed away in 2004. But the music lives on. The local Community Centre is named after the Russells and every year, on the last weekend in February, Doolin hosts the Russell Memorial Weekend in their memory.

Doolin Community Centre
Doolin Community Centre

The music is not the only reason why you should make Doolin your base. Its location is perfect for exploring North Clare with its beautiful sites like the Cliffs of Moher among a beautiful coastline and The Burren with the Aillwee Cave and the famous Poulnabrone Dolmen. You can take boat trips to the Aran Islands or a cruise around the cliffs. There is lots more to see and to explore within an hours drive.
Cliffs of Moher - Hags Head
The Cliffs of Moher reaching a height of over 200 meters, extend for 8 km from Hag's Head to Aill na Searrach and the cliff face continues right down to Doolin.
Cliffs of Moher - O'Brien's Tower

Cavers and Potholers have visited Doolin for many years. A network of caves stretches right from the centre of Doolin for a couple of miles to the north. One of the greatest attractions for cavers to this area was the cave of Pol an Ionain or Poll an Eidhneáin, as it is spelled in Irish. But even though Doolin Cave is now developed as a showcave, there are still lots of passages around Doolin for the experienced caving enthusiasts to explore.

Doolin Cave was opened to the public in 2006 as a show cave. Doolin Cave is home to The Great Stalactite, which is one of the largest known stalactites in the world with a length of 6.54 meters. For more information please visit their website at www.doolincave.ie

Aillwee Cave - Entrance
Entrance of the Aillwee Cave

Another show cave in the area is the Aillwee Cave near Ballyvaughan. The Aillwee Cave has been developed as a show cave many years ago. It is well signposted and you are bound to come across it on your trip through the Burren. And considering the Irish weather, there will always be a day for going underground.

Doolin Pitch and Put
Doolin Pitch and Put

If you like to stay active, Doolin Pitch & Putt is one way to enjoy fresh sea air while the well known Lahinch Golf Course is only seven miles from Doolin.

Or you could hire a bike to explore the area.
Doolin has also become extremely popular with surfers.

Doolin Surf
The Surf at Doolin Beach

And if the swell is from the wrong direction it's not that far to check out the waves at the beach in Lahinch.

The coast near Doolin is also a great location in Ireland for Bouldering - a type of Rock Climbing. You can find information online by searching for
'Bouldering at Doolin' or 'Bouldering at Lackglass'

If all this sounds to much like hard work, there is still horse riding,
walking and fishing - or you could have a chat with those lads



Stone Slab on Doolin coastline

Doolin Village was given it's name by the Townland of Doolin which lies half way between Fisherstreet and Roadford. This was once the location of Doolin House, Residence of the poet Francis MacNamara, the Landlord of this area in those days.
Nicolette, the daughter of Francis MacNamara and author of the book "Two Flamboyant Fathers" was married to Anthony Devas. The first couple of chapters of her book will give you some understanding of the characteristics of the MacNamaras, their friends and some of the old characters of Doolin in days long gone. Her sister Caitlín was married to the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Regular visitors to Doolin also included well-known writers and artists, such as Augustus John, J.M. Synge and George Bernard Shaw.

Maybe it was the influence off those free and rebellious spirits, their love for the arts and their eccentricity that made Doolin such an accepting and forgiving place - rather more metropolitan than rural in it's ways.

One of the Stone Circles around Doolin

Rumour has it that it was in Doolin that J.R.R. Tolkien got his inspiration for
'The Lord Of The Rings'...

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